Make-up Transformation: European


Working here in the Philippines, we have a shortage of really top of the line European models. We mostly have to make do with who is available in town. Modeling jobs are not that lucrative for top models to really make a living here, but those models who do stay for quite a short time get to have really good portfolio once they leave.

The model in the picture is from Poland. She arrived with quite a big zit on her forehead coupled with dark eye bags. Usually, most make-up artists would layer on heavy concealer on the pimple and eye bags right away because that is what we are normally taught to do. But what I did first was to put ice on her pimple to lessen the swelling and ice for her dark eye bags in order to hydrate it. European models usually have very thin under eye skin so putting concealer would just cake and create more wrinkles. An intensive cream is what I put under her eyes to keep the skin looking supple and the cream helps hydrate the under eye skin. A high definition liquid foundation is what I dab all over her face and also to lessen the darkness of her eye bags and hide her pimple. I used Chifure liquid foundation from Japan. This foundation has very high coverage yet still very light on skin. Skin is mostly the problem with models since some do not really take good care of their skin, always depending on photoshop to erase any imperfections. The model has blue eyes so I put a blue eyeliner to emphasize it further. Fake lashes were added. I did not change the shape of the model’s eyebrow, just brushed it up with a blond colored eyebrow gel. I lined the lips and added the same color shade of lip gloss.
Before the final shoot, I had the model face my lighted make-up mirror to see the finished product and took this photo. So there it is, make-up transformation for a European model with no photoshop and devoid of any filter… just plain lights from my make-up chair;-)


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